The Lightheart Foundation was formed as a continuing legacy of Terry Lightheart.  An individual who wanted to make an ongoing impact on future generations.  

Terry was a man of adventure and passion.  His friends and acquaintances were numerous and varied; including artists, spiritual people, people of all ages and all walks of life.   He had an instable curiosity for all things in life, loved to travel and was a deal maker.  He started his professional life in commercial real estate, later founding Darby D. Dawes Neighbourhood Public House in 1981 (better known as Darby’s Pub today).  He expanded into Darby’s Liquor Store, and Lightheart Properties.   

He always called his home Vancouver, although working and living in Hawaii, Tofino, Powell River, Alberta, and Vancouver Island throughout his life.  Through and through Terry was an entrepreneur who was always looking for opportunities to do business or explore new opportunities.     

He was proud of the Lightheart family legacy.  At the turn of the 20th century, they were builders of many apartment buildings in Vancouver, and fortunes were made and lost.  Terry’s ambition was to reclaim this legacy. It will live on in perpetuity, giving support to those who need it. 

In 2013, Terry Lightheart began envisioning a way for his legacy to make an impact on future generations. Over the next few years and through careful planning of his estate with his team he was able to create the Lightheart Foundation that could be used in the future to impact the lives of many people.

After Terry’s passing in 2016, the executors of his estate decided to gift shares from Lightheart Real Estate Holding Corporation (Lightheart Properties) to the Lightheart foundation.  This gift was the basis on which the foundation started its operation and funding initiatives.

“With this foundation I wish to leave the world a better place.”
-Terry Lightheart